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Questions you will need to answer before building your garage

Do you live in a subdivision with covenants?
If so, are you in compliance?
Does your subdivision require approval of a board of directors?

Do you live in a city with a planning commission?
If so, you will need to meet their restrictions and have their written approval.
Note: Be sure to tell them your planning to build an accessory building. Property line setbacks for your accessory building will be different in various zones. Find out if the walls or roof overhang is considered in measuring the setbacks.
Does your city require a building permit?
What inspections are required, i.e., footing, framing, electrical?

City Fire Codes
What is the minimum distance from your home for a building, and is it measured from wall or roof overhang?

Does your county require a building permit?
If so, what inspections do they require?

Is your site level?
If not, how much is it off?
Does it slope from front to rear or rear to front?
*This can be checked with a string level and a string.

Out of level
If the terrain permits you, the site may be graded to level.
In some situations it is best to pour concrete footings, lay blocks, and then fill with sand. This way is more expensive.

Power Lines
You can not build under a power line. Your local power company can give you the minimum distances a building must be from the line.

Can a concrete truck get to your site? Check gates, passage widths, low hanging limbs, low power lines.

Present Concrete Drive
There is a chance a loaded concrete truck may crack your driveway.
*Concrete can usually be pumped to your site for an additional charge.